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Faswall® is an outstanding choice for DIY home construction. In fact, more than 35 percent of our builders are do-it-yourselfers.

Faswall® is excellent for DIY home construction for the following reasons:

Incredibly Simple Installation for DIY Home Construction

The DIY home construction system is so uncomplicated that supervised unskilled labor can be used for installation.

As we often say, if you can build with Legos®, you can build with Faswall®!

Excellent Support

ShelterWorks provides extensive, ongoing support throughout your DIY home construction project.

We are available throughout the entire building process in a timely way. We return calls, provide ongoing support to your build team (electrician, plumber, building inspector, etc.), and seek out solutions to challenges that come up on projects.

Read more about our support.

Can Be Built Over Time

Your Faswall® home or outbuilding can be completed over time — over several seasons, if necessary. You can pay for it as you go and work on it as you have time.

The Faswall® material withstands freeze/thaw cycles without degradation. This means that homeowners can build year round in very cold weather conditions without fear of the Faswall® forms losing their integrity.

Lightweight & Easy to Work With

Faswall® weighs much less than concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks and is therefore much easier to work with. Each block is just 28 pounds.

You don’t break your back building with Faswall® on your DIY home construction project!

Cuts Like a Wood Product & You Can Fasten To it Anywhere

You can nail and screw directly into Faswall®. You can also easily cut Faswall® blocks with carpenter’s tools. No installation or searching for furring strips.

Electrical wiring can be cut into the walls. This makes a myriad of operations quicker and simpler, e.g. fastening windows directly to the Faswall® material, fastening cabinets directly to the interior wall, electrical wiring, etc.

Easy, Direct Surfacing

You can surface finish Faswall® directly on both sides. It makes an excellent substrate for plasters and stuccos — it keys-in on the porous surfaces.

Meets or Exceeds Codes Everywhere

Faswall® meets or exceeds building and energy codes in all states to reduce the hassle on your your DIY home construction project.

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Download Our Installation Manual