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Faswall® is an ideal do-it-yourself building material for building your garage, shop, art studio, yoga/meditation space, poolhouse, garden shed, and more.

We’re here to help you through the process. You can build your own outbuilding using our step-by-step instructions. If you can build with Legos® you can build with Faswall® Wall forms!

Read the story of one of our builders building a shop.

  • Easy to Stack: Faswall® wall forms have a tongue-and-groove fitting on each end, which makes stacking easy. No mortar is needed between the joints. In-fill the cells with cement when stacking is done.
  • Light-Weight: Blocks are a manageable 28 pounds each.
  • Easy to Finish: Stucco directly onto the block or apply clapboard, shingles, cement-fiber siding, or you name it!

In many states you do not need a building permit for structures under 200 square feet. We will guide you through the process of building with Faswall® so it is done correctly and safely.

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Typical process for outbuilding construction:

  1. Go to planning and zoning and see what restrictions you have to deal with as far as how large you can go, where on the property it will sit. See what you are allowed to do first.
  2. Make a drawing of your ENTIRE property with measurements from lot lines to existing buildings and proposed building. Include the dimensions in-between the existing building and new building.
  3. Submit the drawing to your code/zoning department to make certain that it meets requirements for a building permit.
  4. You will need separate permitting for running electrical and plumbing.
  5. Check for footing requirements if indeed you do need to obtain a building permit. Make sure the placement of all plumbing and electrical lines are where they need to be prior to pouring cement.

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