Comparing Faswall to The Perfect Block (TP Block).

Sustainable, Natural, Non Toxic:

Faswall block is made of 85% recycled wood fiber.  The wood content of Faswall block is 100% clean recycled wood content which comes from pallet hardwood. There is no polystyrene plastics, or foams used in the manufacturing process. Rather, the wood chips are mineralized in a proprietary process that removes the sugars from the wood which makes the wood chip inert and not susceptible to rot or insects. It is similar to crushed stone aggregate in concrete.

Comparison of Faswall to The Perfect Block from our Staff who have worked with both:

The Perfect Block and Faswall are similar in that they are both ICCF's (Insulated Composite Concrete Forms) and create an insulated screen grid of concrete.

Our Team has worked extensively with both Faswall and Rastra/Cempo, which were the predecessors to TP Block and makes these key comparisons:

  • Faswall is denser, tougher and less friable and does not leave polystyrene beads flying around everywhere, unlike the perfect block.
  • Unlike The Perfect Block, Faswall has insulation inserts to block the thermal bridges created by the concrete screen grid.
    • These insulation inserts are adaptable in thickness, per engineering requirements.
  • Faswall takes screws, nails and plaster/stucco much better.  (as a plaster/stucco contractor I have finished both, in addition to many other alternative buildings).
  • Faswall has a more robust manufacturing process and is a better, more robust product. It will cost a little more
  • The mineralized wood provides better mass and hygric buffering capacity
  • The Faswall blocks are smaller and more manageable than the perfect block.
Faswall ICCF Eco Building Wall Form

Advantages of Building with Faswall block vs. Foam ICF wall systems

Here is some information to consider regarding the differences between Faswall Wall Forms and Foam ICF’s:

Performance Characteristics

  • Faswall walls are More Energy Efficient.
    • The performance of Faswall will actually be better than foam ICF block for a very important reason. The concrete thermal mass inside the cores of Faswall has an additional 3” layer of insulation on the OUTSIDE of the concrete cores. This insulates the thermal mass MUCH more effectively into the interior of the building than a product like foam ICF’s. Polystyrene ICF systems put 50% of the total insulation on the interior which prevents the transfer of heat energy between the concrete mass and the interior conditioned space. A steady state R value for the foam ICF and for Faswall block will be very close to the same: approximately R 21 to R 25. The contribution to the performance of the wall from the thermal mass of the concrete is real. Faswall walls retain the heat generated by both solar gain and the internally generated heat in a far superior way than a Foam ICF wall system, SIP’s wall or a conventionally framed wall.
  • Faswall block cannot burn or melt like Foam ICF’s.The fire rating of Faswall is 4 hours with zero flame spread.
  • Faswall is more impact resistant than Foam ICF’s.Both Stucco and drywall can be applied direct to the Faswall block wall and the surface remains durable and puncture proof.
  • Faswall block creates an exceptionally healthy indoor environment- Non-toxic, Breathable. The composite of Faswall Wall Forms, mineralized wood fiber coated with cement, has the characteristic of storing and releasing moisture (water vapor- not liquid water) depending on the environmental conditions. The term for this is hygroscopic. Being vapor permeable means that the block regulates the indoor RH (relative humidity) levels at a healthy and comfortable level. You will not get the damp/dank basement smell or feel in a building built with Faswall block.
  • Faswall block inhibits mold growth.  Faswall also promotes a healthy indoor environment due to the inhibition of mold growth. Due to it’s vapor permeability, RH levels are kept low enough so that it is not possible to reach the level of RH where mold can start to grow (typically 70% RH). Combined with the high pH (alkaline) environment resulting from the cement content, this means that the wall system actually helps to inhibit mold growth.

Construction Considerations

  • Faswall Wall Forms are relatively light weight (about 28 pounds each) and thereby easy to stack by hand.
  • Faswall Wall Forms require no mortar between blocks and require minimum bracing when filing with concrete compared to foam ICF’s. The Wall Forms can also withstand higher concrete pressure and blow outs are rare.
  • You can nail and screw directly into Faswall making a myriad of operations quicker and simpler- e.g. fastening windows directly to the Faswall material.
  • You can surface finish Faswall directly on both sides. Foam needs to be covered up extensively.
  • Faswall uses .33 ft3 of concrete per ft2 compared to .5 ft3 per ft2 in a 6 inch foam ICF wall
Properties Faswall Traditional
Foam ICF
High Thermal Mass
Vapor Permeable for Mold-Free Living
High Recycled Content Depends
Excellent Insulative Qualities
200-Year Durability Depends
Non- Toxic
4-Hour Fire Rating
Labor- Intensive Rating (1-5) 2 2.5 1
Do-It- Yourself Rating (1-5) 1 3 3

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You’d be surprised at the various types of homes and commercial buildings that can be built with Faswall. Check out some of the recent projects..
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What is Faswall ICF Block System


Faswall® is a building system similar to Insulated Concrete From (ICF) Blocks.  But unlike ICFs, Faswall is a non-toxic, healthy building system made with Recycled Materials with a 25-year track record for innovative builders.

Insulated Wood-Chip Cement Blocks with High R-Values

Our wall form system is exceptionally:

  • healthy
  • durable
  • thermally insulating

What can you build with Faswall®


“A lot of standard ICFs are made out of Styrofoam. When you want to stucco, you have to do a whole other procedure for preparing it. With Faswall, after you’ve poured the wall you can finish them. The surface texture is excellent for plastering. It saves some time and some steps.” Plus, he says, his old home in Maine had Styrofoam insulation that attracted ants.

Coleman Pulsifer , California

Six Reasons to Build with Faswall Wall Forms



Faswall® is a dream come true for do-it-yourself builders. Faswall® blocks are dry stacked — no mortar needed!



The reinforced concrete walls created by Faswall® will last for centuries. Build your legacy home with Faswall®.


Safety & Security

Faswall® offers superior resistance to fire, deadly wind, and earthquakes so you can sleep safe and sound in your Faswall® home.



Made with recycled, organic building materials (no chemicals or toxins). Faswall® is the material of choice for green-conscious builders.



The superior insulation properties of Faswall® mean significantly reduced heating and cooling costs. Maintenance costs are also reduced.


Health & Comfort

Faswall® inhibits mold growth, is non-toxic, and is sound-proof. Creates an exceptionally healthy & comfortable indoor environment.