Green Addition to Ananda’s Campus: An Interview with Architect J.T. Heater


The Union newspaper, serving Western Nevada County, California, reports:

With windows opening over St. Francis Pond, the new performing arts auditorium in the Ananda Living Wisdom Center is intended to fit in with its natural surroundings.

“We needed to have a space for artists, as well as a main space that’s acoustically good.” -J.T. Heater, architect of the Ananda Village Faswall Building, nearing completion in Nevada City, CA.

“This is a 200-year building,” Heater said. “It’ll be here long after any of us, so we may as well build it the right way.”

Once it’s completed, the building will house Ananda’s orchestral and choral groups, who play in a number of smaller indoor facilities at Ananda when it’s too cold to use the outdoor amphitheater.

“We’re looking forward to an intimate performance venue that’s as uplifting as the music that’s played there,” said David Eby, director of music at the Ananda Living Wisdom School and Ananda Village. “We’re also very much looking forward to using it as a dance venue.”

Heater pointed to the building’s exterior walls as one of its greenest attributes.

Read more about this 5,075 square foot performance center.

Youtube Video with Architect J.T. Heater

Building architect J.T. Heater talks about the materials used to build the new Ananda Living Wisdom center:

Faswall Photo Gallery

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