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The most innovative builders love building with Faswall® for the following reasons:

Installation Ease

Straightforward stacking, no mortar required between joints, minimum bracing required when pouring concrete.

High Resistance to Blowouts

The wall forms can withstand higher concrete pressure than any other insulated concrete forms and blow outs are rare. This means drastically reduced risk, hassle, and wasted time and resources for you during the construction process.


Faswall® weighs much less than concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks and is therefore much easier to work with. Each block is just 28 pounds. You don’t break your back building with Faswall®!

Cuts Like a Wood Product & You Can Fasten To it Anywhere

You can nail and screw directly into Faswall®. You can also easily cut Faswall® blocks with carpenter’s tools.

No installation or searching for furring strips. Electrical wiring can be cut into the walls.

This makes a myriad of operations quicker and simpler, e.g. fastening windows directly to the Faswall® material, fastening cabinets directly to the interior wall, electrical wiring, etc.

Less Concrete Needed

Faswall® requires significantly less concrete infill compared to foam insulated concrete forms for similar wall thickness. this means Faswall® costs less to build with than other types of insulated concrete forms.

Easy, Direct Surfacing

You can surface finish Faswall® directly on both sides. It makes an excellent substrate for plasters and stuccos — it keys-in on the porous surfaces.

Meets or Exceeds Codes Everywhere

Faswall® meets or exceeds building and energy codes in all states.

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Download Our Installation Manual

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