In addition to getting a superior product, your Faswall® investment includes our bend-over-backwards, frantic-emergency-call, we-got-your-back, never-leave-you-hanging service and support.

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Our staff works with you and your designer, builder, and engineer, and sometimes even building department officials.

We provide installation guidance to the builder, design advice to the architect or designer, building science information to the building department officials (test data, etc.).

  • We provide relevant references for installers and for stucco professionals.
  • We answer questions concerning below-grade recommendations.
  • We explain what fasteners work best according to the tasks and materials associated with Faswall® installation.
  • We provide budget quoting.
  • We draw installation guidance instructions specific to certain designs.
  • We share photos and seek out architectural details that are relevant to customer home designs.
  • When necessary, we’ll visit your site.
  • We find you appropriate plaster and stucco information.
  • We coordinate shipping.
  • You’re even invited to visit and tour our manufacturing plant in Philomath, Oregon.

In short, we are available throughout the entire building process in a timely way. We return calls, provide ongoing support to your build team (electrician, plumber, building inspector, etc.), and seek out solutions to challenges that come up on projects.

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Support Testimonials

“…I was very impressed with Shelter Work’s interest in my project even before a single block was shipped to me. All personnel I came in contact with at the company bent over backwards to make sure all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I actually felt that my project was the most important project the company was working on at the time. They worked well with my General Contractor (GC), were very available for any and all questions, from the simple (me) to the more complex questions that my GC required to complete the project, as it was of his first Faswall projects.

“I was also impressed with the fact that the guys from Shelter Works’ physically visited our job site to meet with my GC to specifically find out how they could improve the “kit” that is, the bulk customized materials that ship out in bulk for the entire project. Shelter Works was all ears as my GC communicated areas of improvement to the kit in regards to having the required quantity of specific types of block for the corners, the ends, the caps, etc. But the point is they actually made it a point to understand how they can make the project go more smoothly for the builder and listened to the challenges that he faced from the contents of the kit to the challenges of the actual physical construction process…”

-Anthony Parks, Three Rivers, California

We absolutely love our new Passive Solar home. No other structure that we have lived in gives the same unique, solid, and ambient comfort such as Faswall. Our experience with the technical support from a Shelter works contractor was an important part of the project success. I personally worked with the crew on a portion of the home and had no problem understanding and implementing proper construction technique. Ultimately we choose Keim plasters and paints for a soft, strong, and fully vapor permeable system. As the electrician on the job I quickly adapted to the pre-planning requirements of using Faswall. Additionally our plumber and other tradesman were able to plan accordingly and easily adapt to a construction method which ultimately is so much better than stick building.”

-Scott Green, Birmingham, Alabama


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