Want to learn more about how Faswall® can save you time, money, effort, and hassle — while also saving the environment? Want to see detailed installation instructions, architectural and engineering details, and spec sheets?

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  • Faswall® Brochure & Construction Characteristics: Overview of features and benefits.
  • Faswall® Powerpoint Presentation: See pictures with explanations of the building process.
  • Faswall® Installation & Technical Manual: Detailed instruction on exactly how to build with Faswall®. Includes test results.
  • Thermal Mass Explanation: See how Faswall® reduces heating and cooling costs.
  • Faswall® Spec Sheets, Architectural Details, & Engineering Tables: The nitty-gritty for architects and engineers.
  • R-Value Science Explanation: Research report that summarizes the theory behind thermal insulation and building system heat flow control metrics.
  • Thermal Advantages of Masonry Walls: See why Faswall® outperforms traditional building methods.
  • Faswall® for Foundations & Basements: Learn why builders love Faswall® for below-grade applications.


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