As you have discovered, Faswall® is a remarkable building material that creates a high-performing building envelope.

To review the Faswall® features:

  • Highly resistant to rot and decay
  • Mold free
  • High thermal mass, which means no abrupt indoor temperature swings
  • Highly insulative for minimal energy use
  • Creates a very quiet indoor environment
  • Non-toxic, organic building materials
  • Vapor permeable, which means no abrupt humidity swings and no mold
  • Over 60 percent recycled content
  • Ideal DIY home construction material
  • 4-hour fire rating
  • Lasts for centuries

So how does it compare to other wall systems, such as stick framing, structural insulated panels (SIPS) and foam ICF’s? How about compared to alternative building materials like straw bale, cob, and adobe?

High Thermal Mass Vapor Permeable for Mold-Free Living High Recycled Content Excellent Insulative Qualities Quiet 200-Year Durability Non- Toxic 4-Hour Fire Rating Labor- Intensive Rating (1-5) Do-It- Yourself Rating (1-5)
Faswall® Block 2 1
Foam ICF Blocks Depends Depends 2.5 3
Standard Stick Framing 1 3
Double-Wall Stick Framing 2 4
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Depends 2 3
Straw Bales Depends 4 2
Adobe Moderate 4 3
Rammed Earth Moderate 5 3

Let’s discuss your project and compare the wall system that you have been considering to see if Faswall® is a good fit for you.

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