Carrie Sturrock at reports:

“Van Denend makes Faswall in a big drafty industrial building he leases from a timber company in the mill town of Philomath. He starts with shredded old broken wood pallets, once used to ship goods, from a company 10 miles away. Van Denend shreds the wood further before naturally preserving it with a mineralization process. The wood then is mixed with Portland cement and molded into hollow bricks. A piece of wool mineral insulation is later hand-fitted into each block…

“It’s such a nifty product that Peter Dusicka, Oregon BEST researcher and Portland State University professor, is working with Van Denend and his company, ShelterWorks Ltd., to test this interlocking building block wall system…”

Read the entire article here.

  1. leonard albanese & sons November 27, 2013

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