Faswall® is a green building system with a 25-year track record for innovative builders.

The insulated wood chip-cement wall form system is exceptionally healthy and durable and boasts stellar thermal properties.

These three factors alone, among many others, make it the one of the best overall wall systems on the North American market.

Our customers confirm that its amazing array of features and benefits creates an unmatched level of indoor health and comfort with minimal building energy usage.

In addition to regulating relative humidity, the mass stored inside the 12-inch wide walls enhances the already exceptional R-value.

Thermal mass is a very real benefit of the Faswall® green building system. It significantly reduces the energy needed to heat and cool buildings. It creates an elegant interior living space as both humidity and temperature remains constant.

A Green Building System for Sustainability, Health, Durability, & Simplicity

green building systemMade with nothing but 85% mineralized wood and 15% cement, the Faswall® green building system is among the most environment-friendly and healthy building materials available.

Faswall® is simple to build with. It can be used for virtually any building application — which is why do-it-yourselfers in particular love working with it.

That love is shared by visionary, innovative, sustainability-conscious contractors and architects.

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The wall form blocks are manufactured in 24″-long modular units to aid architects and designers. They are designed to be under 30 pounds to aid installers.

green building systemSimply stack the wall forms on top of one another without mortar. The interlocking tongue-and-groove end design keeps the wall forms in place.

Rebar is set both horizontally and vertically within the stacked forms prior to filling the cores with concrete. This creates a “post and beam” grid effect, which makes the wall exceptionally strong.

Essentially, Faswall® is a efficient method of building a reinforced concrete wall with built-in thermal, acoustical, and fire protection. The green building system wall forms can be used above-grade, below-grade, for commercial or residential applications.

See our pictures and videos of Faswall buildings and installation.

Faswall® Product History

After World War II, amidst the rubble and destruction, a way was discovered to take the huge volumes of wood waste, grind it into chips, mineralize the chips to neutralize the natural sugars that cause rot, and bond them to cement to form a building block. This is the genesis of the Faswall® ICF Wall Form.

Since then, tens of thousands of homes, commercial buildings, and many other projects have been built in North America, Europe, and Asia with this remarkable green building system. This remains one of the preferred methods of building in Europe. It has been available in North America for thirty years.

In 1987, Hans and Leni Walter of K-X Faswall International Corp. advanced the product with a patented mineralization process that allows virtually any wood or cellulose fiber to be bonded to cement.

In 2008, ShelterWorks Ltd. was assigned the proprietary Faswall® wood chip-cement ICF technology and its trademarks in its entirety. ShelterWorks is the exclusive manufacturer of Faswall®.

The Faswall® green building system wall forms are manufactured in Philomath, Oregon.

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