Conditioned Crawl Spaces With Faswall

A Guide to Healthy and High-Performance Building

Unlock the potential of your crawl space with Faswall, a revolutionary ICF building system by Shelterworks Ltd. Our comprehensive guide, "Conditioned Crawl Spaces Using Faswall," delves into the intricacies of constructing crawlspaces without vents, providing valuable insights for homeowners, builders, and architects.

Who Is This Guide For?


Learn about the benefits of conditioned crawlspaces, including improved air quality, pest resistance, and energy efficiency.

Builders and Architects

Understand the construction principles, insulation techniques, and environmental benefits of using Faswall for conditioned crawlspaces.

Construction Professionals

Enhance your knowledge of moisture management, insulation, and conditioning strategies specific to crawlspaces.

How to Obtain the Guide:

Fill out the form below to receive a downloadable copy of "Conditioned Crawl Spaces Using Faswall." This guide provides actionable insights and detailed explanations for creating healthier, more efficient homes.

Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes only and should not replace specific advice from licensed design professionals. Faswall and associated companies disclaim liability for the application and accuracy of the information herein.

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Key Information Covered:

Introduction to Conditioned Crawlspaces

Explore the concept, advantages, and why they may be a superior option to vented crawlspaces.

Safety and Health

Discover how conditioned crawlspaces contribute to a healthier living environment by minimizing pests, mold and providing effective moisture control.

Comfort and Security

Learn how insulation and conditioning contribute to consistent floor temperatures and energy efficiency, enhancing overall comfort and security.


Understand how conditioned crawlspaces reduce water-related issues, contributing to the longevity of wood framing.

Energy Performance

Explore the energy-saving benefits of conditioned crawlspaces, including reduced heating and cooling demands.

Why Use Faswall

Uncover the advantages of Faswall, from ease of installation and labor savings to its environmental benefits.

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